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Greetings from Switzerland

by Petra Krausová last modified 2007-12-18 17:42

Mistrovstvi Svycarska v Davosu pro mne nebyl zrovna vydareny zavod a vzpominky na nej jsou smisene, proto vam zavod priblizi uradujici mistryne Svycarska Elizabeth Rauchenberger :-) . Vitezem z muzu se stal Christian Maurer.

Today is your birthday and we are sitting at the German Open, waiting for sunshine.... maybe today without success, but for sure tomorrow we will have our first task.
It is always nice competing against you!! You are not taking the comp so serious but you are still always in front! Tell us your secret!!
The only comp I was in front of you (this year :-) ) was during the last days on the Swiss Championships in Davos. You had some bad luck and maybe it was because it is my home country. So the conditions were for me and more against you!! We werd sleeping in the same tent and after the second task WITHOUT turnpoint you were really feeling bad. I was 2nd then but I really felt sorry for you. Then we told you the Swiss secret. Always eating a MUESLI stick before and during the flight. So you took one before taking off, and --- you were the fastest girl again. You won the last task and showed us how to fly!
I just hope you will again stopp eating in the air and forget about it immediatelly.
Finally you were 3rd at the Swiss Open and this is also a good result.
I am lucky to be Swiss Champion, finally and continiue competing not against you but with you.
Nice knowing you. You are a great personality!
Stay like you are!

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